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This contribution comes from our dear friend, Lexy Olivia.

Lexy was one of our first customers and has been instrumental in helping our team learn about the long term use of our products and their continued efficacy.  We’ve learned a lot from Lexy, and we hope that by the end of this quick read, you’ll understand why the beautiful and brilliant mind of this talented lady has had such an impact on Momotaro Apotheca.

The Mind-Body Connection

I’ve been passionate about healthy food and total wellness my whole life. I started collecting crystals when I was 6 and ate fistfuls of lettuce and green apples every day of my adolescence.

I cultivated the practice of living a high vibrational lifestyle as a young adult. Every weekend I would travel to the Eastern Sierras to go backpacking by myself to quiet the mind of a rebellious teenager living in Los Angeles.

Fast forward to meeting the partner of my dreams when I was 20 and moving to Portland. Shortly thereafter, I got food poisoning that was so bad, it landed me in the hospital. I ended up with a paralyzed digestive tract and the beginning of a 4 year period of autoimmune hell. I sought as much alternative and western care as I could, though, to no avail.

I spent my whole life savings on doctors who ultimately caused more harm than good. The imbalanced flora in my gut caused a cascading effect of IBS, acne, Hashimoto's, anemia, eczema, chronic pain, chronic inflammation, fibromyalgia and so many other diagnoses that I can't even remember.

Out of money and short on hope I returned to the mountains again with my partner and sought a quieter more holistic life in the Tetons Mountains of Idaho. I became critically depressed because at this point, I had no money and no health. I met an incredible woman who helped me using neuroplasticity to overcome the inflammation signals my brain was constantly sending to my body. I was in a state of hypervigilance where every area of my body was inflamed and in pain. Including my most sensitive and feminine areas.

In conjunction with a biochemist in Jackson Hole who ushered me through a series of intense yeast and bacterial cleanses, I was finally healing. Slowly every day I could do more and more. I skied more, painted more, started my own small business which has now grown beyond my wildest dreams.

I truly believe that total wellness comes from the mind and our ability to heal our own selves. It takes willingness and courage to fight like hell for health. I try my best to prioritize biking, hiking, skiing, meditating or cooking above anything. Because without wellness, how can you have the energy to be a creative entrepreneur, a good partner, or your best self? I think it does great justice to be on the fearless pursuit of health because happiness comes shortly behind.

This journey although painful, has been an incredible blessing. It has afforded me the opportunity to cultivate a healthy mind that doesn’t operate out of constant fear, and heal parts of myself that were in great need of attention. Some of my most valuable resources have been
The Medical Medium, Dr. Joe Dispenza, creating a positive mantra, and surrounding myself with encouraging people.



Lexy lives at the foot of the Teton Mountains in Idaho and loves watermelons.  Reading a good book these days? Check out her beautiful work at lexyolivia.com

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Mind-Body Connection

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