Reverse Black Friday 2021 - Nature Badges Cartoon

Reverse Black Friday 2021: Nature is For Everyone



It’s that time of year again — Reverse Black Friday!


Every year, rather than promote extraneous spending with a wild blowout sale, we host a #ReverseBlackFriday campaign that gives back to our community. This year, we’re excited to get a little wild the Momotaro Apotheca way to bridge the gap between safe and sustainable self care for people and the planet. We pledge to donate 100% of profits made over the Black Friday weekend (11.26.21 — 11.28.21 11:59 PST) to WeGotNext, a nonprofit on a mission to make outdoor and environmental spaces more accessible, inclusive, and diverse. 


This year, let’s shop with intention.



Why do we care? Nature is our source & inspiration.

Although we are more technologically connected than ever before, we are more disconnected from one other and the natural world. And after over a year of hibernation — for some of us, confined by four walls surrounded by screens — we’re reminded how powerfully healing time spent in nature can be. 


Be it as simple as a night offline, a walk in the park, or hitting the slopes, spending even a few minutes in nature can do a world of good for our bodies and minds. It can help you return to your body, appreciate the present moment and serves as a gentle reminder of the connectedness of all living beings. 




“We envision a world where everyone is inspired to fall in love with nature because they see reflections of themselves in outdoor spaces.”




But many outdoor spaces are far from accessible to everyone & not everyone feels safe, comfortable, or welcome venturing outside. We Got Next is an organization making space for marginalized communities to feel free to be themselves in an outdoor setting.

The 501(c) organization strives to remove the structural barriers that prevent underrepresented communities from accessing outdoor spaces so that anyone and everyone can experience the healing power of the natural world. 

Through powerful storytelling, their ambassador program serves to amplify individual voices that inspire underrepresented and marginalized communities to participate in outdoor adventure, activism, and conservation. 


We should all get outside — of comfort zones, toxic relationships, and toxic environments. Here’s to embracing unchartered territory — in every sense of the wor(l)d. 





Past Reverse Black Friday Campaigns 

Covenant HouseSupporting Homeless Youth | 2020

 While forced to be apart throughout the pandemic and lockdowns, we recognized the utmost importance of community, connection, and commitment to our chosen family — and having a safe place to call home.


We donated 100% of profits made over the Black Friday to Covenant House, a nonprofit that provides housing and support services to homeless, runaway, and trafficked young people around the world.



Planned Parenthood | Black Friday for Planned Parenthood | 2019

For our 2019 holiday campaign, we donated 100% of profits made during the Black Friday Weekend sale to Planned Parenthood to shed light on silenced conversations and stigma surrounding abortion.  

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