Limited Edition Vagina Socks - NADW
Limited Edition Vagina Socks on Model in Grass


Yep, we did it...and because ya, know - socks sells 😉

Say it out loud: Vagina. This isn’t a moment — It’s a manifesto. 

The vagina has been understudied, underreported, and misunderstood since the field of medicine deemed it important to separate broken hearts from lady parts and put a name to an anomaly in the 1680s. But we don’t need to belittle, endear, or euphemize the vagina in order to make it more palatable for the public. When you shroud a word in mystery, the anxiety around the unknown only exacerbates. We give power to what we can’t perceive, but that ends today. #NotaDirtyWord is a call to action to take that power back, to strip the vagina of its mystique by normalizing it through conversation. Because the most potent way to combat regressive thoughts is by filling the silence. It’s time to open the box.

  • Cotton
  • S/M  and M/L unisex sizing
  • Due to very limited supply, all sales are final - without exception.