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Awkward Essentials Dripstick

Designed to absorb excess cum after sex

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How to Use

1. grip the handle with one hand.

2. while seated, slowly and carefully insert sponge into vaginal canal. maintain a grip on the handle.

3. gently twirl sponge while
inserted in the vaginal canal.

4. use the handle to slowly and carefully remove the sponge from the vaginal canal.

if excess fluids remain, repeat steps #1-4 with an unused product. reminder: always pee after sex to avoid UTIs

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We select the most environmentally responsible materials possible for our packaging which is why we use glass and recyclable plastics.

We use Forest Stewardship Council Certified (FSC) paper board for all of our boxes.

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Fulfillment is handled by our friends at Dripstick. Your products will ship in separate boxes.

Dripstick—is the original after-sex sponge for absorbing excess semen. It’s a super soft, medical-grade sponge that quickly soaks up and eliminates discomfort. 

Why we love it: this clever product helps people prone to recurrent infections

At Momotaro Apotheca we know vaginal wellness isn’t one size fits all. Dripstick was created to help clean up pH disrupting semen from the vaginal canal. 

Semen is alkaline (basic) and can alter the pH of your vagina. Using dripstick can help clean out any unwanted fluids that may disrupt you pH balance and potentially lead to infection. 

What it’s NOT: a menstruation product, birth control, or STI/STD protection, or for your butt.

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