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As the world and our bodies change, we turn to proactive care that promotes balance in the body and supports our holistic approach to vulvovaginal wellness. But you can be doing “everything right” like wiping front to back, peeing after sex, and cleaning your toys after every use and still experience dryness, irritation, or infection.


Luckily for you, we’ve cooked up something that works in tandem with our topical products to target imbalance in the body from within. Sign up to receive a special discount when it launches.


We’ve teamed up with Ohnut to remind you that you pain during sex should never be normalized. Enter your email below for a chance to win our best selling Salve, Tonic, and a jade Ohnut set to help cushion and comfort curious couples pre, during, and post pleasure play.


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We heard that you were looking for more ways to Support Your Local Sex Worker!

Through October, 100% of proceeds will go to The Cupcake Girls. Read More Below!

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The vagina has been understudied, underreported, and misunderstood since the field of medicine deemed it important to separate broken hearts from lady parts and put a name to an anomaly in the 1680s. But we don’t need to belittle, endear, or euphemize the vagina in order to make it more palatable for the public. When you shroud a word in mystery, the anxiety around the unknown only exacerbates. We give power to what we can’t perceive, but that ends today. #NotaDirtyWord is a call to action to take that power back, to strip the vagina of its mystique by normalizing it through conversation. Because the most potent way to combat regressive thoughts is by filling the silence. It’s time to open the box. 20% of proceeds go to the WPA.

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Resources for Our Community

Redefining Activism by Kénta Xiadani Ch'umil

Race, Gender, and American Gynecology by Dr. Deirdre Cooper Owens

Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF)

Trans Women of Color Collective (TWCC)

Trans Equality Action Centers  provide a comprehensive list of funds to donate to and bills under consideration where you can submit letters to state legislators or sign a petition.