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The #NotaDirtyWord campaign is about changing the conversation around women’s reproductive health - and specifically with regards to how we name and refer to our bodies.  

From a young age, many people are taught that the word vagina is ‘rude and inappropriate’. This flows through to teen years, making conversations about sex, vaginal wellness, and periods feel embarrassing and off-limits.  This creates huge problems for both self-esteem and the relationships with family, partners and health care professionals.

At Momotaro Apotheca, we believe that, “By using anatomical language, we acknowledge vaginal wellness as an important and respected part of our sexual and reproductive health and that feelings, scent, and discomfort are not things to be covered up; rather they’re to be discussed and taken care of in a realistic way.”

#NotaDirtyWord began after noticing that many people find talking about their vaginal issues, sex, and reproductive health to be incredibly uncomfortable.

It is time to undo the stigma and create a conversation.  

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