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Our Community and Moving Forward


Let's take some time to reflect on the whirlwind that was 2022 while harnessing positivity for 2023 with this letter from our co-founder, Lindsay


This year as I, and we at Momotaro Apotheca, check off our 6th official year in business  and reflect on our wins, losses and lessons learned. I am once again filled with gratitude for the growth and experience we have had this year. This annual letter typically acts as a tool of self reflection for the year passed, however this year I am compelled not to emulate old letters but to adulate for our community present. You, our readers and purchasers, friends and critics. Thank you to the people who continue to teach us, engage with us, hold us accountable and provide us with invaluable support.


It is you that has kept us going, and you that has made this company -  a community. 

Community, though we find it here today in an online network of individuals committed to learning more about sexual health. Community can also be a close friend, a romantic partner, a sibling or a zoom call. It can be a network of people that share a vision, or a group of individuals that live on the same block. All beautiful iterations of togetherness. All valid forms of community. For us, at the end of this year we look to honor our community, in the ways we know how.. We will continue to listen and learn with you here, find new ways in which we can support this network, build and grow with it. And of course, as usual we will continue to  advocate for conscientious conversation that will help us continue to provide peace, patience and positivity in our ever changing and often stressful world. 

As we approach the new year and our calendars signal the closing of one chapter and the opening of another, I encourage you to take time for togetherness, outside of this network or the “comforts” of our phones. Be it with friends or family, a good book or a glass of wine, these small moments at a slower pace can be healing and supportive during a season where loneliness may linger or distances may feel farther. We hope you can find that despite some discomfort in seasonal shifts that we are in this together, even when we feel apart. 

Thank you again for a wonderful year. It is worth celebrating and setting intentions for the one that follows. Ya’ll have helped us build new products, write articles, fight shame and stigma, all with a little spice. I look forward to learning and growing with you together in the upcoming year.


See you there. 




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