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Friends With Benefits: Lube and Vaginal Health

Lube it or Leave it. 

It’s no secret that at Momotaro Apotheca, we love a good collaboration. It takes a lot of products, people, doctors, and teachers to navigate the uncharted territory of vaginal (and sexual) wellness. While we like to consider ourselves experts in vulvovaginal health and helping people find their own ways to feel better, there is  always room for more questions, discussions, and learning.

Meet Coconu, our favorite lube company committed to helping couples lead healthier, happier lives with 100% safe and organic products. Coconu was founded in Utah, in 2012, when they took a closer look at the ingredient list of the available personal lubricants and could not find a product out there that met their standards. The company continues to make the world a better place one tube at a time with natural ingredients customers can trust and a “good, clean, healthy fun” attitude towards what happens in the bedroom. With a brand personality as clean and fresh as the ingredients they source, Coconu is dedicated to helping couples increase their capacity for connection, intimacy and pleasure.

When choosing a lube we wanted to support a company that share our same values. At Momotaro Apotheca and Coconu we know when it comes to intimacy, we’re bombarded with unrealistic standards, false advertisements that say sex is simple, that it always.. 
comes easy. We’re told that sex looks, feels, sounds, and even smells a certain way. (Quick reminder that your vagina should NOT smell like roses and orgasms aren’t the ultimate goal during sex.)

Penises don’t always get hard; vaginas aren’t always wet. Sometimes the strap-on comes loose, or the vibrator isn’t charged. Whatever the “issue” may be, we often fumble around the conversations and don’t even know where to begin to look for tools that can help us have better sex. Shop Coconu, now available on our site to have better sex, naturally. 


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