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Friends With Benefits: Have Better Sex with Oshihana

It’s no secret that at Momotaro, we love a good collaboration. It takes a lot of products, people, doctors, and teachers to navigate the unchartered territory of vaginal (and sexual) wellness. While we like to consider ourselves experts in vulvovaginal health and helping people find their own ways to feel better, there’s always room for more questions, discussions, and learning.

When it comes to intimacy, we’re bombarded with unrealistic standards, false advertisements that say sex is simple, that it
comes easy. We’re told that sex looks, feels, sounds, and even smells a certain way. (Quick reminder that your vagina should NOT smell like roses and orgasms aren’t the ultimate goal during sex.)

Penises don’t always get hard; vaginas aren’t always wet. Sometimes the strap-on comes loose, or the vibrator isn’t charged. Whatever the “issue” may be, we often fumble around the conversations and don’t even know where to begin to look for tools that can help us have better sex.

Meet OSHIHANA—our sister company, BFF, love of our polyamorous life and sometimes coconspirator. Oshihana is a premium skin care line devoted entirely to sexual wellness and recovery to help you have better sex with functional botanicals. Using only certified organic ingredients, Oshihana makes effective, soothing topicals that help enhance your physical and emotional intimacy with a partner or yourself with the power of hemp.

LEARN MORE Oshihana Uses Good Science for Good Sex 


In the spirit of the holidays, and in an effort to help with a good time but maybe not a long time (no shame in cumming quick), we have partnered with Oshihana to give one lucky winner our Daily Duo and Oshihana’s Sex Oil and Golden Glitter Soak.


Momotaro Apotheca X Oshihana Better Sex Giveaway Product Bundle
This giveaway is now closed. 






Recommended Rituals 


Oshihana Golden Glitter Hemp Bath Salts on Pink Background


Bliss Out & Shine On








Oshihana CBG Sex Oil Surrounded by Plants
Go Deeper — Stay Longer
















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