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Our Summer Skin Secret Weapons


We like to keep it simple during summer. Spend less time shopping, more time sipping. But be it our extra margarita or a sandy swimsuit, sometimes our summertime sundries can leave us feeling more stressed than blessed. 

If you didn’t know, at Momotaro Apotheca chillin’ is the reason for the season so we are sharing our summer skin essentials for when the sun, salt and sand can also cause itching, irritation and inflammation. Here are our fav products that promise to keep you more hot than bothered whether by the beach or a pool - on your vacation or staycation alike. 


Soothe summertime irritation

Nothing will kill your summer vibe faster than vulvovaginal irritation and itching! But no need to fear, Salve is here! Apply Salve post sex, after a day at the beach, or at the end of a night on the town to soothe vulva discomfort and help prevent vaginal infections. Not only does Salve's Coconut and Jojoba Oil base prevent post bikini burn, but Oregon Grape and Echinacea oils help fight off vaginal microbiome imbalances after that third (or fourth) Pina Colada!



Post Sex-on-the-Beach Support

Our vaginal microbiomes are BEYOND fussy! So everything from fruity cocktails, indulgent foods (I'm looking at you 3am pizza), and tight bathing suits can throw it off. That's why our probiotic is specially made to help restore balance in the vaginal microbiome while regulating digestion and supporting gut-immune health. win-win-WIN! So go ahead and oder that fish bowl, you know you want to.


Oh and bonus points if you carry them in our vacay-sized (and aesthetic) Pill Case


Bikini Line Bestie

Whether shaving, waxing, or letting body hair breathe, nobody loves an ingrown. Use tonic before or after your body hair ritual. Apply directly to the skin to stay moisturized and alleviate any itching or irritation as hair grows back. Antimicrobial tea tree oil eliminates excess sebum in the pores to prevent ingrown hairs while Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood stimulates blood flow to speed up the healing process if you happen to get any. 


Get your sweat on without worry

If you haven’t got time to shower after sweating, be it at the gym, beach or ahem or following an afternoon delight, we recommend spraying the super fine toning mist all over your hairline, neck, and body and wiping away excess sweat (and possibly grime) with a towel. Hydrosol's antiseptic properties help rebalance sebum production and acts as an antimicrobial agent on skin to help prevent skin irritation or body breakouts you might get from whatever type of fun in the sun you may be having. 




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You should always patch test a small area on your wrist or forearm. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Please note that Body Oil contains nut derivatives and should not be used if you have a nut allergy. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we advise speaking with your trusted healthcare provider prior to applying botanical extracts. 


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