Valentine's Day Prep - Three models in nude clothes and undies

Valentine's Day Prep


Take this Hallmark Holiday and make it your own

Look, I am the first to poo-poo a holiday that historically has felt like love sick capitalist confection all meant to make us buy shit we don’t need or yearn for a love we don’t have. However in a world where there is enough bad news to fill my feed 24/7 I would rather take the sweet over the salty any day. Also, love, self care, platonic or intimate romance is always worth celebrating. And so are you.

Follow along of our top tips to have a tip top VDAY (And no we are not making and VDAY puns about your vagina)


Prep for your Valentine's date night with some serious self care.

I don’t always shave or wax all the hair off my body but ya know what sometimes I LOVE IT (sue me). To keep things calm and cared for, shave/wax/sugar any coarse pubic or groin hair the night before, especially if you are expecting any *ahem* friction. I always use our tonic after for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial benefits after an irritating shave or wax.


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Pick out your sexy, cozy confidence boosting outfit ahead of time.

I am the queen of procrastination and every time I get ready it looks like a bomb went off in my bedroom and it stresses me out and I don’t leave my house feeling my best. Get your shopping, or outfit testing done ahead of time. This actually helps me get excited for the date and the get ready process knowing I have something sexy to slip on. Makes me feel easy, breezy (which I am not, lol).


Be your own Hype girl/boy/human

Truly. Get off the gram, stop watching GRWM’s and look at your hot bod/self and tell yourself how god damn wonderful you are. How beneficial this is, is literally backed by science. And while you are at it, destress and masturbate. Another great pre date, mood boosting, activity.


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Be prepared for any date night activities, pre, during or post.

I am the queen of having a sensitive system. These products are my self care must haves

  • The Probiotic For anyone who struggle with Bacterial Vaginosis, a good probiotic is non-negotiable

  • The Salve Post play, I slather the salve all over an itchy, inflamed vulva. Great for any time I feel that first sign of a yeast infection.
  • Hydrosol For face body and vulva, after a particular sweaty sesh. Be it yoga or a rough romp I spray this everywhere

Have fun. “Ya know what it never was - that serious”

Valentine's Day is fun and fantastical. Don’t let the pressure or societal expectations get you down. Celebrate with a friend, lover, yourself or your pet. Valentine's day has no relationship hierarchy.


So celebrate love, whatever you conceive it to be.


-XOXO, Momotaro Apotheca



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