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Why Do I ALWAYS Get Yeast Infections During Summer?


Summertime means fun in the sun, hot hookups, and….yeast infections. Sorry. Not to be a bummer BUT as the temperatures rise so do our chances of getting vaginal infections

With all the sweat, alcohol, and sexcursions that tend to be associated with the summer season (we may be speaking from experience) it’s no wonder we have a harder time keeping yeast infections at bay. But that doesn’t mean vaginal infections have to ruin your sexy summertime fun.  

Here are 6 tips to minimize your chances of developing yeast infections when things get HOT.  


Change out of sweaty clothes

One of the not-so-cute parts of summer is the sweat. Which is nothing to be embarrassed about, we all do it! But yeast and bacteria thrive in moist environments, so when you (and your undies) start to get damp make sure you’re changing into clean, dry clothes ASAP.


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Don’t wear your bathing suit all day

Look, we know getting the perfect bikini pic takes time, but don’t spend all day in your sexy suit. Swimsuits are not traditionally made of breathable fabrics that allow the vulva to ‘breath.’ And, like mentioned above, keeping on your post swim bottoms creates the perfect environment for yeast to grow. 

Stay hydrated

Summertime makes us thirsty…like literally. Spending more time in the heat means we need to up our water intake. But how does drinking water affect your vaginal health?? As we know chronic dehydration leads to dry skin, this includes the vulva and vagina. Dehydration can cause vulvovaginal itching, irritation, and decreased vaginal lubrication. It can also make it more difficult for the vagina to maintain a balanced vaginal microbiome. So drink up!


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Limit the fruity cocktails

We love a fruity cocktail as much as the next cutie, but you don’t want to overdo it. Summer cocktails can be full of sweeteners and syrups which (while delicious) can be a recipe for a yeast infection. Yeast feeds off of sugar so an influx of alcohol and other sugary ingredients literally protoes the overgrowth of yeast in the vagina. Just remember, everything in moderation! 

Practice preventative care when traveling

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a vacay! And with a (much needed) vacation comes a change in your sleep schedule, diet and drinking habits, environment, and overall schedule. All of these sudden changes can throw off the VERY sensitive vaginal microbiome. So before you hop on a flight, make sure you’re adopting vaginal health practices that will prevent vaginal infections before they start. This could include taking a daily vaginal probiotic, using Salve daily, and regularly rinsing your vulva with lukewarm water. 


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Practice sexual aftercare

The weather isn’t the only thing that gets hot in the summer. So when you’re in the throws of a steamy summer fling, make sure you’re practicing sexual aftercare to prevent vaginal infections. This includes peeing after sex, using body safe lubes/toys, rinsing your vulva with lukewarm water, and USING YOUR SALVE!

We hope you (and your vagina) have a great summer! 



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