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WTF is Fem Care


We are taught at a young age that the Vagina is self cleaning. However we are not told about the myriad of other issues, conditions and experiences we will encounter as our bodies grow and change. We are given few and mostly ineffective solutions that wash, cleanse and even eradicate all signs of our sexuality, be it from the lack of inclusive sex education to the misguided products causing more harm than help. 

Today and everyday we address the antiquated “fem care” industry by offering better solutions to the chemical laden, often offensive products we were given to mask sexual health issues rather than make them better.


And this means more than the products. Our sexual health is a holistic system the connects mind and body to our feelings, identities and at even at times our anatomies.

Dissecting Fem Care and reframing how we think about vulvovaginal health is an essential part advancing the space and creating better solutions, more inclusive care and destigmatizing the common conditions and experiences so many of us endure.


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At Momotaro Apotheca we encourage our friends, other companies and communities to look inward and think how we can be more intentional with the way we talk about our bodies, treat our friends, and communicate to our partners. More often times than not, our sexual health experiences from romantic relationships to our visits to the Doctors office can be unpleasant experiences, often exacerbated by our inability to communicate our questions, concerns, preferences and desires. 

As we find ourselves on the brink of yet another social and political tragedy, these conversations are more important than ever. 


We reflect as people on how we may better support reproductive health and the essential advancement of a space slowly slipping back in time. While the internet may often try to soften the blow with satire, the joke is really on us. We need to share resources, donate to grass roots organizations and vote with our dollars. 



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