Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic Medicine

If you know the story of Momotaro Apotheca, you know that we’ve been down the Femcare aisle, and frankly, we were not impressed. What started as an experiment in self care and a fu*k-you to mass-market femcare, Momotaro Apotheca is committed to plant based and organic solutions that are safe, easy to use, and convenient - with out the chemicals.

An important part of this journey has been the development of our Yeast Infection Suppository - a 100% plant based Homeopathic formula that was developed over three years.

We incorporated the Homeopathic therapeutic methods into our product development process because of the focus on natural substances and reliance on ancient wisdom - homeopathic medicine has been used empirically for more than 200 years and continues to be researched under modern pharmacological research and clinical settings.

Our homeopathic formulas rely on very small amounts - think: microdose - of active ingredients to stimulate the body’s natural capacity to restore health at a cellular level.

Homeopathic Mediine and Momotaro Apotehca

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Always Natural

The active ingredients in our homeopathic medicines are made from dilutions and extracts from thoughtfully selected plants and raw substances sourced directly from nature.

Everyday Safe

We’ve formulated our products to be safe enough for every day prophylactic use as well as acute use.

Responsible Wisdom

For more than 200 years, Homeopathy has been a trusted tool for natural healing. Homeopathic medicines do not hide symptoms, are not normally contraindicated with pre-existing conditions, and are generally not known to interact with other medications or supplements. This makes them one of the safest choices for self-treatment. It's always important to check with your health care professional before using any new products.

Manufactured with Integrity

Our Homeopathic medicines are manufactured in a CGMP facility and in compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations and the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).


As this is a Homeopathic Medicine, there is no scientific evidence that this product works, the product's claims are based only on theories of homeopathy from the 1700s that are not accepted by most modern medical experts.

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We take great care to ensure that our products are formulated to be effective yet gentle enough for everyone. We always recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medication. For questions about our suppliers, ingredients, and business practices, please reach out directly at support@momotaroapotheca.com.

This information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Momotaro products and this information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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