Hello Beautiful,

Care about women’s education and wellness?! Us too!

This weekend we’re working with our community to help support Souljourn Yoga and the Tongole Foundation. The two organizations are working on the ground in Malawi to create a sustainable business model that empowers girls to manage their menstruation in a hygienic, private, safe, and dignified way.

"Girl emPOWER" is a two tiered project that will have life and community changing effects for years to come.

A key component of the project will be to facilitate the onsite production, sale, and use of reusable sanitary napkins that will not only provide them personal revenue, but will continue to encourage girls to stay in school.


Well, it's more of an "un-sale". Our prices are going up for this weekend only. At the end of the weekend, Momotaro will match all additional revenue from the weekend and make a donation to with Souljourn Yoga directly to the Tongole Foundation.

While everyone else is cutting prices, we wanted to take the opportunity to make a statement not about consumerism, but about community. With our small (but growing) community of friends we aim to raise ~$1000 this weekend for this very important work.

Please take a look the amazing Girl Empower program that this campaign will benefit.

And, please share our media posts with the people you care about most, so that we can help spread wellness.




We’ll be pre-releasing our new vaginal wellness hydrosol - get excited! This weekend only!