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Is it Cuffing Season Yet? 25 Sex Tips to Keep It Hot

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Did you know that lower temperatures mean a rise in testosterone—the main sex hormone in humans? Biologically speaking higher testosterone levels means higher sperm counts, higher fertility, and yep, increased sex drive. It's science, okay?

So while summer may be over, our sex lives and drives certainly aren't! The Momotaro Apotheca team compiled a list of our best sex tips, suggestions, and...experiments to keep your sex life strong. 

Hit us back with your own tips, embarrassing stories, and hacks for more pleasure — partnered or alone. 


The Sex Tips

  1. Start your weekend right with morning sex! Whenever, wherever you can. When you have sex, your body releases oxytocin—the hormone that controls love and bonding.

  2. We apply a thick application of our best selling Salve to the vulva, or anus after particularly rough sex. Whether it’s with a partner, a toy, or yourself, self care is the gift that keeps on giving.

  3. Receiving is also giving. Are you guilty of never accepting pleasure from a partner? Make sure you are as accepting as you are giving. Evaluate the dynamics of your relationship both in and out of the bedroom.

  1. Learn. Your. Body. Knowing the specific and correct terms for body parts helps you express yourself to your partners (and healthcare providers) giving you sole authority over your body and its needs.



A thick layer of our best selling Salve on the vulva or anus after particularly rough sex is just what the doctor ordered! A Coconut and Jojoba Oil base protects your skin’s natural moisture barrier and Beeswax slows the dispersal of active ingredients for moisture that lasts all day. 



  1. If you’re dating a water sign, hit them with that shower sex. Bring a snorkel though, it could be a long one. It’s also easier if the receiving partner has a stool or the edge of the tub to prop their foot up.

  1. If you like it slippery sans water, you’re gonna wanna slide the Coconu oil based lube, everywhere.  Go deeper and stay longer with this silky, sexy oil based product. Just don’t use it with latex or polyisoprene!

  1. Antibiotics can nullify the effects of birth control pills, so be prepared with condoms or forego PIV sex until you’re done taking them. FYI pills aren’t the only form of contraceptive! Some people have trouble swallowing (pills...ha) and there are other options—implants, IUDS, tubal ligation to name a few. Check out a comprehensive list of birth control options here.

  1. Speaking of birth control...emergency contraceptives (you probably know it as Plan B) might not be quite as effective if you’re over 160 lbs. It’s still better to take it than not and hope for the best, but keep this in mind when making decisions before having unprotected sex. 

  1. BYO everything. Headed to a hook up? Bring your own protection, lube, phone charger, and bus money, honey!




How to Find, Store, and Use Lube Text on Wet Skin Graphic



  1. Sex, like relationships, can get messy—keep a designated sex towel handy to protect your sheets and wipe up without worrying about staining your embroidered tea towels. 

  1. If you don’t have a towel or discarded article of clothing nearby, it’s bad form to wipe excess lube on your partner (allegedly). 

  1. If upfront communication is something you and your partner struggle with, watching porn together before sex may be the unexpected solution to your problems. Of course, porn can be a touchy subject, so check in with yours and your partner’s needs before incorporating this tip. It can an exciting way to bring up what sensations you each like though, and picking an erotic film together might mirror your later discussions on negotiating boundaries. 

  1. Want to pretend you’re a porn star, but not ready to commit to video evidence? Set up a mirror to watch you and your partner(s) have sex. It might sound narcissistic, but it can be a huge turn on to watch someone else experience pleasure with you and can help foster a more intense, intimate connection. Locking eyes during doggy is feral and fun. 

  1. Or role-play….as each other! Have fun dressing up in each other’s clothing and make up and maybe have a little photo shoot while you’re at it. Go fuck yourself! 




  1. Like to go all out with holiday decorations? Add some tinsel to your bath and emerge literally glowing in a shimmery golden haze with Oshihana’s Golden Glitter Bath Soak. Share the soak with a friend, lover, or bliss out by yourself—the hemp and essential oil infused salt bath serves a dose of aromatherapy and will relax your entire body and mind to soothe pre, during and post sex play. 

  1. Oral sex is sex. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  1.  Location location location. Make a bucket list of places you want to get your freak on in your home alone or with others. May we suggest: living room sofa, dining room table, in front of a full length mirror, or propped up on the bathroom sink—just be sure to uhh, sanitize your surfaces before and after. 

  1.  Schedule sex! Scheduling sex sounds...boring, but it’s not only convenient—it can get you and your parter/s in a good rhythm. 

  1. When Meg the Stallion says, “when I ride the dick, imma spell my name,” she means in cursive! Don’t feel the need to stop rocking your hips between each letter. 

  1. And if you experience vaginal swelling afterward and it’s uncomfortable, try laying on your back and putting your legs and butt up against the wall in an L-shape. This yoga position, called Viparita Karani, helps drain excess fluid and improves circulation. It also naturally relaxes your pelvic floor muscles, so it’s a great position if you deal with chronic pelvic pain

  1. Long distance relationship? Make a list with your lover(s) of fun ways to stay ~connected~ while away. Go for the usuals suspects—phone sex, sexting, maybe a little naughty FaceTime. But also get creative! What about a photo series strip tease sent over the course of a day? What about a voice note of you getting off? Send them a sex toy they’ve been eyeballing. Maybe an email of a short story erotica… 


READ MORE How to Spice Up Your Long Distance Relationship


  1. Sex not on the menu for whatever reason? Find other ways to spoil your lover(s). Run them a bath, give them a massage, cook their favorite meal, read out loud to them, offer to do their least favorite chore for them, let them pick the movie you watch, buy them a present — the list goes on. Generosity (in and out of the bedroom) is hot. 



Body Oil Bottle on White Background

Be Generous

Pour everywhere. Give your partner a massage with a generous helping of our decadent blend of cold pressed Jojoba, Argan, and Sweet Almond oils. Happy ending not required!








  1. But sometimes you gotta be a little selfish in the name of self care. Deliberately go celibate for a day. Pay attention to how your body feels, how it reacts to what you eat or drink, your movement, etc. Try some breath work if you’re feeling anxious or tired and just be still with your body.

  1. Reminder that sex doesn’t have to go from 0 to 100 in one night (or week, or month or year!). Not only is it hot to let it build, but may also make all parties feel more comfortable. Start with kissing and just focus on that! Don’t obsess over any end goal. Every time you hook up, evaluate if you want to keep doing what you’ve been doing or do a little more this time. Low and slow baby!

  1. Don’t let Karl stay in the room. Nothing will ever feels sexy with the dog watching.




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