Spice Up Your Long Distance Relationship

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Those of us whose love language relies on quality time and physical closeness are really struggling as our relationships have been reduced to the confines of a screen—a choice-free change made with barely any warning, or time to say see you soon

Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but it also magnifies how much it’s those little moments—a hug hello, the shared smile across the room, if only for a second before returning our gaze back to our phones, an inside joke that you repeat daily—that mean so much in any relationship. 

But for some of us, this forced long distance relationship can be a blessing in disguise—no, really! As we enter the fifth week of quarantine (we’re losing count here), we’re all feeling the social isolation a little deeper, a little more magnified. Your mental and physical well being should be your top priority, but it’s also the ideal time to examine our more intimate relationships, as they help define our connection with the world.

Our relationships have been reduced to the confines of a screen—a choice-free change made with barely any warning, or time to say see you soon. 

Time apart provides us the opportunity to set aside petty differences, recognize one another’s priorities, strengths, and weaknesses, and refocus our attention on creating a deeper connection and support system. It’s also the perfect time to experiment with new toys, surprise one another with truly thoughtful gifts, and find new ways to spend quality time with one another.

We gathered a list of our favorite products from independent brands and designers to help suffuse your long distance relationship with a little more umph while your love is on lockdown. 


As beautiful as it is useful, this minimalist watch by independent designer Kitmen Keung displays a secondary dial as a quiet yet conscious reminder of your loved one across the globe so you’ll never miss a scheduled call. Because time zones are hard. 


Talk is cheap. If you’re craving physical touch, try a remote controlled vibrator you can slip in your undies. Coupled with an app you and your partner use together, this vibrator takes your LDR to the next level. Wear it throughout the day for extended foreplay and build up the sexual tension, or use during real time video calls or texts to download your (internet) connection to your clit.  


Get a box, send a box. Winc’s wine delivery club gives your next virtual date night a reason to get all dressed up with nowhere to go. Who says you can’t drink “alone” when you’re wine tasting, together, from afar?

SNAIL MAIL by Little Otsu

Nothing’s more romantic than taking the time to write someone a letter. Support local artists while you wow your loved ones with a handwritten note. Based in Portland, Little Otsu offers sweet stationary and pretty paper goods for every occasion—or just because. There’s no excuse for “not having the time” now!


Have plants delivered directly to your partner’s door with The Sill. Make it personal by picking the perfect plant for their personality. Whether it’s a succulent, err, succulent, a beautiful bloom, or even faux foliage (because it’s much easier to kill a cactus than we’re led to believe), The Sill offers a variety of one-off purchases and subscription boxes to grow an indoor garden. If you’re already proud plant parents, book an online workshop to hone your skills and swap tips so you can “grow together” while apart. 


words by Maggie Buchmann
illustration by Kitsch Harris

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