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Are You There, God? It's Molly-Margaret


Are you there, God? It’s Molly-Margaret, Momotaro’s brand ambassador. We recently teamed up with instagram sensation/sex positive gay poet, Molly-Margaret Johnson (she/her) when we fell in love with her intimate, yet incredibly informative take on sexual health and she deemed Momotaro’s products the “holy trinity” of vaginal care. 

Molly-Margaret created one of the first accounts to really gain traction in the Instagram realm that spoke candidly about sexual wellness, relationships, and "how to be the fucking prize," all while normalizing the way we speak about vaginal conditions like Bacterial Vaginosis and yeast infections—conditions that are often glossed over or outright ignored in curated online communities. 


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In this Q&A, Molly-Margaret talks self love, self-obsession, and building authentic relationships within a disaffected online community. Even if God isn’t there for you, Molly-Margaret is.  In Molly-Margaret we trust.


What inspired (or triggered) you to start What’s Wrong With Molly-Margaret (formerly known as "What’s Wrong With My Vagina")?

For what feels like my entire life, I’ve always had vagina problems. Yeast infections, BV, Bartholin cysts, STIs, awful periods—if it wasn’t this, it was that. There was always “a problem.” I was going to gynecologists in a revolving door style, constantly going back in, usually leaving with little or no answers. 


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After a particularly tough month of infections and no relief, I turned to the internet (like I had a million times before) and simply typed in “whats wrong with my vagina?”. It soon came to me; I couldn’t be the only person who felt this way. I made WWWMV as a platform to share experiences with the sexual and vaginal wellness with community. To ask for and offer answers. To bitch and moan.


To unite. 


Molly-Margaret topless covered in butterflys
Black and white photos of topless Molly-Margaret-Johnson


You are so transparent online. Are you the same way in your real life relationships—platonic or romantic?


I strive to be. I find being open and authentic sometimes easier on the internet. It’s a one way channel. I get to just put my phone down, as opposed to being IRL I don’t get to just “log off.”


I try to hold myself to my own standards.


I often have conversations between “normal me” and “work me” in my head, I’m working on making those voices closer and closer to one voice. 


Molly-Margaret in white sports bra covered in flowers


What do you think are some of the best ways to get and keep self confidence?

I gained my self confidence when I realized how much we all focus and obsess about ourselves. Because everyone is so busy obsessing about themselves, no one is watching (or caring) what I’m doing, saying, dressing like, etc. That idea is very freeing to me. If no one is watching, I may as well do what I damn please.


Living for someone else is never worth the cost of your own joy or comfort. 


Black and white photo of Molly-Margaret covered in butterflys


What inspires you the most about your online community?

The courage we give each other. When it comes to being vulnerable on the internet, my community always meets me with sympathy and love. I always feel safe, even though it can be scary. In return, I’ve received countless messages from followers saying I’ve given them the courage to come out, leave toxic relationships, ask for what they need from partners, etc. 


Two photos of Molly-Margaret in white sports bra

Who are a few other accounts you learn and grow from?

Munroe Bergdorf @munroebergdorf

Chella Man @chellaman

Che Che Luna @che.che.luna

Megan Jayne Crabbe @bodyposipanda

Em Odesser @emilyodesser



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