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Meet Monica Yates: Certified Life & Period Coach

Meet Monica Yates: Certified Life & Period Coach


We met certified life and period coach Monica Yates over coffee in a crowded New York City hotel lobby. The Aussie native lit up the room—with her bright blonde hair and all-consuming energy, she is hard not to notice. 

Monica travels all around the world, counseling women on how to harness their feminine power through identifying and breaking through self-imposed physiological, psychological, and often subconscious barriers, and is looking to
step into a life where there is less push and more flow. She’s helped countless women transform their relationships with themselves to tap into their feminine mindset, self-confidence, sensuality, and relationships. 

At Momotaro, we know that not everyone with a vagina identifies as female (and not everyone who identifies as female has a vagina!), but we also recognize that celebrating your femininity and/or masculinity is important, which is why we support her Feminine as F*ck workshop.* During this 3-day immersive seminar—which took place 11.08.2019 in New York City—Monica guides those looking to experience deeper levels of feminine soul expansion, release subconscious blocks, redefine their relationship with money and sensuality, and tap back into their femininity. Celebrate yourself and change your life. 



What drew you to a career supporting spiritual and physical wellness?

Through my own (long) personal journey of hating being a woman, losing my period after the pill and then realizing how out of my feminine I was, it led my to my soul purpose which is my job today! I was also starting to see the connection between a woman’s period and her relationship to her feminine energy as so interconnected. Many women were having major cycle issues or vaginal health issues that was distinctly correlated to their energetic blocks and subconscious beliefs. 

Describe a day in the life of your job.

Well everyday is different for me right now which I love. I travel a lot so I pretty much always have 2-3 suitcases on my floor with shit everywhere! I always try to keep to a morning routine (with feminine flexibility of course) just so I stay on track. This will include sexy naked dancing, exercise, journalling, meditation and reading. Some mornings this will go for 3 hours, others, 30 mins it just depends. Then I will have some breakfast and get into the day! The days are a combo of clients, creative work, planning new programs, writing content and a million messages to my amazing manager. 


What is it that most inspires you?

Women putting themselves first lights me up SO MUCH. Honestly it makes my heart explode when I get to help other women come ‘home’ and find inner peace and freedom. It’s also always inspiring when I receive incredible feedback from my podcast, programs or content. 



Tell us why you are holding this workshop?

There are some things that just can’t be done via Zoom (with my programs) and the power of in-person events allows me to facilitate deeper levels of healing. Also it’s SO magical to be able to hold a space for women to connect with other women on a deep level. Our ancient versions of ourselves are cravingggg this in-person contact and this is the perfect environment. Also when you are immersed in an experience for 3 days or longer, you have deeper levels of healing because you aren’t having weeks in between calls (like in my programs) where other people can make it harder for you to stay in that new energy.


How can people who can’t afford this work shop learn from you?

I have a ton of free resources and I’ve had so many women tell me that just from my podcast, blog and instagram captions - I have changed their life - which makes me SO happy! My podcast is super informational as well as all of my instagram captions so I would start there. ALSO I’ve had so many people put out to the universe that they want to be able to work with me, and the universe delivers. SO if you really want something, trust your heart and take the scary leap because it will be worth it! 


What are your favorite self care tips (physical and mental)

Well firstly, self care isn’t just baths. Self care is doing this deeper work because having a bath doesn’t then just offset the shitty thought you have all day. My self care is generally massages, always prioritizing comfort when I travel (it’s top need for me), massages, journalling, doing witch-y spells, having baths, orgasms and cooking. 



What (if anything) would you change about your journey with work and health?

Honestly, I don’t think anything right now! I’m in an amazing space where I have a full time Manager which has taken a lot of stress of my plate. And I choose to always make the time for exercise, movement, meditation, dancing, self care and healthy food. My health mentally and physically is a top priority for me so I’m always making sure I’m looking after myself. 



To learn more, listen to Monica get real with our co-founder Lindsay Wynn and discuss all things vagina related that no one seems to talk about, but everyone is thinking.



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