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A Gift Guide For All the Naughty People on Your Nice List


Turn the heat alllll the way up this holiday season. Whether you’re looking for something for your partner, your friends, or yourself, we’ve got the ultimate gift guide that will keep the flames hot (but not bothered) for all the naughty people on your nice list. 




Savage X Fenty Hyper Real Metallic Lace Crotchless Undies Illustration

Savage X Fenty Hyper Real Metallic Lace Crotchless Undies 

This scandalous pair of panties is bound to get the right reaction out of someone special this holiday season—even if that someone special is you ;) They’re low rise, minimal coverage, made of metallic lace, and take crotchless to a whole other level. SHOP NOW



Lina Dune(‘s Patreon) 

Ya give some, you get some. Join our favorite Insta-BDSM superstar’s kinky community and get exclusive access to sex advice, stories from her personal experiences, the ability to private message her, discounts on merch, and even stickers.




Illustration of Two Nude People Making Out

Make Love Not Porn Subscription

Make Love Not Porn is a social sex sharing platform made by people like you, for people like you, so you can rest assured that the porn you’re watching is real sex, and ethically sourced. Every video uploaded is hand selected to ensure the vids are consensual, contextualized, and porn-cliche free. Subscribe, gift a subscription, or even submit your own tapes if you’re feeling up to it. SUBSCRIBE NOW





Tonic Oil Illustration


Bath & Body Tonic Oil 

The ultimate romantic gesture: drawing them a nice, Tonic-infused bath, followed by an intimate massage. The jojoba oil based bath and body oil is safe to use head to toe and will naturally soften, soothe, and nourish sensitive skin to help you both relax and rejuvenate. SHOP TONIC




Jingle Bell Nipple Clamps Illustration

Holiday Themed Nipple Clamps by Restrained Grace 

Miss Annie and Miss Tara, owners of Restrained Grace, aim to make kink accessible to everyone. These jingle bell nipple clamps are not only festive and unique, they’re also nickel free and come with rubber tips so you can literally jingle all the way to orgasm. SHOP NOW




Hydrosol Illustration
pH Balancing Hydrosol

Stay in high spritz with the cooling Hydrosol toning spray when things get hot’n’heavy. We personally spray this everywhere—our pits, our pubes, our pillowcases, and between pads. A gentle combination of aromatic botanicals help balance pH and soothe sensitive skin without stripping it of moisture. The Hydrosol may be made of roses, but it has plenty of benefits that won’t just make you smell like flowers. Its aromatherapeutic qualities are just the star on top of the tree. SHOP HYDROSOL




For Illustrations of  People in Cute Underwear
Feeld Dating App

Connect and sext this holiday season! Feeld is a free dating app with 20+ sexual identities to choose from, 20+ gender identities to choose from, plus the option to pair your account with your partner’s. They’re also an incredible resource for relationships and dating in general. You know they’re inclusive when it’s available for download on DOWNLOAD FOR iOS and ANDROID




Support Your Local Sex Worker Tshirt

Support Your Local Sex Worker Merch

They'll love wearing it as much as you love taking it off. As always, 100% of proceeds are donated directly to The Cupcake Girls. It's truly the gift that keeps on giving. SHOP THE MERCH




Ball Gag for Beginners


Sex & Mischief Breathable Ball Gag from Love Honey

This ball gag is great for beginners because it’s got small holes in the ball itself which allow you to get some air while still experiencing the excitement of restraint. SHOP NOW



Vibrator with Remote

We Vibe Remote Control Vibrator

There’s a million to choose from, but this vibrator is different. 1. It’s wearable, meaning you can be edgy and edge yourself anywhere. 2 It’s slip proof, meaning it stays exactly where you place it in your underwear. 3. It’s quiet! 4. Did we mention it has a remote control so you or your partner get to control the vibe? Happy vibing!  SHOP WE VIBE




Tincture Illustration


Lift Your Spirits Sans Spirits

Drop a little bit of hemp infused Tincture in your hot cocoa this year the way Santa drops down the chimney—without holding back!  Made with ingredients known for their calming effects on the nervous system like Full-Flower Hemp, Rooibos, and Chamomile, Tincture helps relieve all the stress you’ve been holding. 2020’s been the worst—you and your loved ones deserve it. SHOP TINCTURE





Little Book of Kama Sutra by Sadie Cayman Illustration

Little Book of Kama Sutra by Sadie Cayman

A portable rendition of a kinky classic. This Kama Sutra inspired book provides minimalist illustrations of a bunch of new positions to try so you get to pick your position du jour. What will it be? Slow and sensual or frisky and fun? SHOP NOW 



Probiotic for Vaginal and Digestive Health Illustration

Probiotic for a Happier, Healthier New Year

We believe that prevention is truly the best medicine. We take probiotics everyday because we like to have our cake (and candy canes, and Coquitos) and enjoy them too! With 10 strains of bacteria already found in a healthy gut and vaginal tract, Probiotic will keep your pH levels low and your spirits high. Because as much as we love the idea of rolling around between the sheets this XXXmas season, we certainly don’t love infections or irritation. SHOP PROBIOTIC



Still not sure what to get? Get the failsafe gift for everyone on your list — from your bawdy hottie to the postpartum parent. Shop it here.


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