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Breaking Down Anti-Choice Arguments (and Why They're So Harmful)


It’s been over 6 months since The Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe V Wade and we have already seen the immense harm it has caused to women, people with uteruses, and our country as a whole.


The day Roe V Wade was overturned, many conservative states instated ‘trigger laws’ within hours of the news, constricting abortion access almost instantly. Since then states have shifted, adjusted, and debated their stance on the topic, making the overall outlook on reproductive rights uncertain.


And the biggest thing standing in the way of our access to safe and legal abortion is pro-life individuals that feel they have more authority over our bodies than we do.


And if you’ve ever tried to have conversations with a pro-life individuals about reproductive rights, there’s something you’ve probably noticed: they tend to use same talking points. These statements are normally rooted in conservative religious beliefs and misogyny disguised as ‘advocacy’ for the unborn.


So let’s break down some of these pro-life (aka anti-choice) talking points, and why they’re so harmful.


“Women Should Take Responsibility For Their Actions”

Women and women identifying people are constantly shamed for expressing any interest in having sex (even though our bodies are constantly hyper-sexualized without our consent) and there is this idea that engaging in those interests means we deserve to be punished. Well first off, sex is just sex, and the shame that surrounds it is falsely created by our misogynistic society. And second, the idea that a suitable ‘punishment’ is having to deliver and care for a child is twisted to say the very least.


“You Can Give Your Child Up For Adoption”

People with wombs are not responsible for birthing babies for people that want to adopt. And let’s be honest, most of the people holding ‘we’ll adopt your baby’ signs rarely (and almost never) actually adopt children. Choosing to put a child up for adoption for any reason is a very difficult and deeply personal decision, and it is one that someone should never be forced or coerced into. And there are over 40,000 children currently in the foster care system in the United States, so let’s focus on taking care of and supporting them.


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“It should be left up to the states”

This is (in my humble opinion) such a weird argument. The decision to terminate a pregnancy should be between a patient and their healthcare provider. The end. The fact that some people think politicians who have never worked in healthcare and have no medical training should have the authority to make decisions about LIFE SAVING healthcare is truly wild. And many conservative states have proven that they are willing and ready to strip people of their reproductive rights the second they get the chance.


*Trigger Warning: Sexual Violence*


“Only in cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother”

Many people who sit on the fence of this issue like to use this as an ‘in between’ answer. Well, whether people like to admit it or not, this simply does NOT work in practice. We have already seen how healthcare providers in these states are constantly at risk of losing their license and even facing criminal charges for performing abortions for patients that need them. Because many anti-choice individuals do not see the life of the pregnant person or cases or sexual violence and incest as valid reasons to end a pregnancy. Which is (to say the least) sick.


 Our fight for reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy is far from over.


But if there is anything that these last 6 months have proven, it’s that we are strong and we will not stop until we’ve gotten our rights back. So let's keep going, because we're worth fighting for. 



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