Momotaro is a pH balanced vaginal care line that believes that when it comes to vaginal wellness:
clean is an adjective, not a verb. 
Inspired by our own experiences, we've created products by selecting certified organic ingredients that have been shown to clinically address bacteria and fungal infections (like berberine and tea tree).  We aim to safely support the vagina's natural ability to relieve symptoms associated with uncomfortable and unexpected issues like infection and itching stemming from yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, pH imbalance, and general irritation from sex, clothing, and exercise — without disturbing friendly bacteria.
The vagina is complex; we keep it simple. 
To learn about how we got our start, check out our first blog post here.


The things we say...

We aim to be a part of the positive and compassionate conversation with our community about how gentler, systemically more effective, natural products can support our ability to address physiological and quality of life issues associated with various types of vaginal issues.

...And how we say them

We compassionately support the body's natural ability to resolve physiological issues while supporting the psychological challenges that accompany them. By using anatomical words to describe body parts (never nicknames or vague terms like “your special area,” or “you know where”), we acknowledge that feelings, scent, and discomfort are not things to be covered up; rather they’re to be discussed and taken care of in a realistic way.

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