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The vagina is complex; we keep it simple.

all organic, pH-balanced products for vaginal wellness



Multi-Use Salve

This powerful salve is is made with ingredients that have been shown to safely support the body's natural ability to relieve symptoms associated with pernicious and unexpected issues like infection, pain, and itching stemming from yeast infections, bacterial vaginitis, pH imbalance, and general irritation from sports, clothing, sex, and other environmental or activity-based factors.


This Jojoba-based tonic is a soothing bath-time solution. Made with ingredients shown to safely support the body’s natural ability to relieve symptoms stemming from yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and general irritation; Organic anti-fungals combat Candida, while anti-bacterials soothe and maintain a balanced environment. (pH-imbalance, infection, pain, and itching).


An incredibly well-balanced soluble spray, gentle enough for post-shower, post-workout, or simply as a part of a full-body regimen. Our Hydrosol Mist is based on the same stuff you are: water; certified organic ingredients were carefully selected for their anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and soothing qualities. It has a slight toning effect while avoiding the abrasiveness of essential oils.

wellness at your fingertips

With simplicity in mind, we've carefully developed unique and complementary products that help you love all your parts. Our anti-microbial products are made with certified organic ingredients, never chemicals or synthetics. 

Made with love in Portland, OR


"FINALLY a solution!!"

M on Apr 10, 2018

"I am sooooo GRATEFUL that after three years of "agony"...This salve is AMAZING. It has reduced my itchiness by about 90 percent... I was so discouraged and suffered low self esteem for years. Momotaro has found the magic ingredients..."

"a must-have for bath lovers!!!"

sue on Jun 24, 2017

"i love taking baths, but always get nervous i'll get an infection from soaking in my regular soap. the tonic is the perfect answer to that, it keeps my bath clean, but still smells and feels really relaxing and luxurious. guilt-free baths foreverrrrrrrrrr!"

"Goes where I go"

Erin on Mar 19, 2018

"Travels well. I use it post-yoga on clothing and myself. Smells delightful."

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