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How to Prevent BV After Sex


Picture this: you just had the HOTTEST hookup of your life last night! You feel endorphins racing through your body, you’re still reeling from your earth shattering orgasm(s), and you feel like you’re walking on air. Nothing can ruin this moment…until you start to feel that oh so familiar vulvovaginal itching and discomfort and find some suspicious grey discharge in your undies. Surprise you have bacterial vaginosis! End Scene.


Unfortunately enough, sex is one of the most common triggers for bacterial vaginosis (aka BV). I want to quickly note that BV is NOT an STI, sex just happens to be a very common trigger for BV. Which is honestly not that surprising when you think about it. Our vaginal microbiomes are incredibly sensitive and during sex we introduce bacteria, products, and fluids that can easily disrupt it. But vaginal infections don't have to ruin your sexy sleepovers!


Follow these tips to help prevent post-play infections


Wash Your Hands

Sorry to say this but…your hands are gross. Think about all the surfaces we touch throughout the day and the bacteria that cover those surfaces. Well that bacteria is transmittable to other parts of the body and the vagina is no exception. If you decide to partake in some fingering foreplay you are exposing who knows how many types of bacteria to your sensitive microbiome. And this bacteria can then overgrow inside the vagina and turn into BV. 


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Use The Right Lube

If you know us you should know that we live to love lube! But all lubes are not created equal. Many of the big-name lubes you see in the stores are filled with harsh ingredients that can throw off your vaginal pH. A few not-so-honorable mentions include, synthetic flavors, glycerin, fragrances, petroleum, parabens, and phthalates. Instead opt for lubes that contain only gentle, body safe ingredients. We recommend Good Clean Love and Lark Love.


Use Protection

If you find you’re developing BV after having unprotected sex, it could be (pardon the language) cum that’s doing it. Cum has an average pH of 7.2 and 7.8 while the average vaginal pH ranges from between 3.8 and 4.5. Mixing in this high of a pH can easily disrupt your pH making it easier for bacteria to come in and overgrow. But wearing a condom will reduce your chances of getting BV and protect you from STIs. Win win!


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Rinse your vulva with Water

You’ve probably heard that you should pee after sex (which you ABSOLUTELY should do) to prevent UTIs, this is because the uterine flushes bacteria out of the urethra. Well that same rule applies to this tip. Rinsing your vulva with lukewarm water after sex washes the bacteria off of your vulva and reduces the risk for bacteria making its way into the vagina. But remember NO DOUCHING!!


Wash Your Toys

Bringing in toys can be a great addition to your sexytime routine. But you want to make sure you’re cleaning them properly before and after use. You don’t want to reintroduce bacteria and fluids into your vagina, especially if toys are being shared between partners. Just make sure to wash your toys with gentle, fragrance free soap and store them in a safe, closed space….oh and don’t forget to charge them!

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Use Our Salve

Our fan fav Salve is full of Goldenseal and Oregon Grape, powerful yet gentle ingredients that address vaginal infections. These organic botanicals are rich in berberine. As a key alkaloid in Goldenseal and Oregon Grape, Berberine works to quickly treat bacterial vaginosis. You can also slather on this one-pot-wonder to help soothe any mico-tears, stretching, or inflammation that occurred during sex. Salve it truly your sexy sleepover essential!


Happy Hooking Up Friends!



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