On Human Rights and tomorrow's Midterm Elections.

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The Midterm Elections are tomorrow
And we are calling on YOU to support Trans,
Gender Non-conforming and intersex rights.


In the years following the election of Donald Trump, the rise of anti LGBTQ+ legislation and a regressive mindset has become the new normal in our government. In 2017 alone, there were 129 pieces of legislation that took away some of the  everyday civil liberties that our family and friends rely on to stay safe. This has meant a resurgence of discriminatory “bathroom bills” and broad prejudicial treatment of queer families in government spaces.  Fortunately, tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6 is an opportunity to vote for the freedoms we all deserve.




Tomorrow's Midterm elections have the ability to change the weight of conservative power in Congress. Voting on Tuesday means electing representatives that are not only standing up to these antiquated and dangerous bills but will take steps to vote for better legislation in the future (See the Equality Act).

Not only will we be voting tomorrow, but we'll be passing along a 20% discount to all our friends who get out and vote as well (DM us with evidence that you voted and we'll share a code for 20% off any products from our website).
Additionally, we're donating all profits today through the seventh to G.L.I.T.S. @glits_inc
Tuesday is not only about voting for Trans, Gender Non-conforming, and Intersex rights, it’s about voting for Human Rights. 









Oh, and we know it's not always easy navigating the ballot... Thankfully, Them. has created a super comprehensive and user friendly Voter Guide to help people in all 50 states navigate Tuesday’s election.










Thanks for voting tomorrow.

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