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Sex & Salve: Autumn Morris

words by Autumn Morris (she/they)


One of my idols, Shan Boodram, once said her vagina/vulva acts like an upset stomach and SIS...I have never agreed with a statement more! My vagina has given me problems since I can remember. I’ve suffered from chronic bacterial vaginosis, chronic yeast infections, and even an inverted cervix (yes, you read that right) which is essentially where the mucous that typically forms on the inside of the cervix forms on the outside of the cervix and drains out of the vagina creating extreme itchiness, discharge, and discomfort. 

I had tried everything in the book. Everything on the vulva aisle at Target, every medicine and cream prescribed to me. I changed my diet. I took baths with epsom salt.



My vagina hated lubricant, tampons, condoms, soap, anything and everything (I know, my vagina is such a brat). So I became used to my vulva and vagina being constantly irritated, moist, but most of all, I became used to my symptoms deeply affecting my self image in a negative way. 

I was tired. I was tired of soaking wet panties daily, I was tired of having all the itches I couldn’t scratch in public, I was tired of feeling dirty, I was tired of feeling like no one would want to have sex with me and my needy vagina, but most of all, I was tired of my doctors (or anyone) not having a solution.

No one deserves to live like that, so I decided to do my own research.


Upon a quick Google search, I found solace in the hundreds of people with vulvas online who seemed to be going through similar journeys as mine. But this newfound peace didn’t fix the storm happening in my pants. 


With more research I found that the common solution for most of these people were essential oils and essential oil based products. Some essential oils naturally balance out the vaginal pH and pH imbalance is the root cause of most discomfort and infections. I was willing to give it a try. But I kept searching. There HAD to be an all-in-one product that was curated for people like me and the masses of fellow vulva owners who were struggling with these same issues. And then I found it, the God-blessed answer to my prayers. *Enter Momotaro Apotheca*


Autumn Morris holding Salve jar



I looked at the ingredients (all natural of course which I knew me and my vulva would love), I looked at the mission (duh...they seemed to be the only company who cared about my upset stomach of a vagina) and I was sold. I mean what’s the worst that could happen? I get BV? Been there. Done that. Let’s give it a go. I ordered it, I tried it, and to this day I have NEVER TURNED BACK.

I tried the Salve, which is a concoction of essential oils made for everyday use to prevent or help alleviate symptoms/help cure vaginal pH imbalances. Using the salve not only eliminated my symptoms, but I now had a go-to remedy to use after sex, or my period, or anything I knew would cause my vagina to act like a 3 year-old in Walmart (bad af) to inhibit a new infection.

After one application, I knew that Momotaro was my solution. And as cheesy as it sounds, that feeling is priceless. I use a pea size amount daily at the opening of my vagina, across my vulva and rub it into my pubic hair to keep it soft and supple as well. It feels cooling and heavenly, it smells AMAZING due to the essential oils (yes I find reasons to naturally spread my legs to get a waft, don’t judge me), and it’s one of the only things on this planet that my vagina doesn’t hate. I no longer feel overwhelmed with symptoms, chronic infections, and lowered self image.


I just feel like Autumn and that’s a feeling I’ve been craving for a long time.

I once heard a car commercial that said, “Sometimes you don’t want a new car, or to upgrade your car; you just want your car to work without problems. Sometimes you just want ease, comfort, and stability. Momotaro offered me a solution so that my “car” can work with ease, comfort, and stability. And THAT is irreplaceable. 


Autumn Morris in nude underwear holding white cloth



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Momotaro Apotheca was founded on the principle that honest conversation, support, and empathy are key to changing the way people talk about and address matters regarding their sexual selves. 

We know that the conversations, treatments, and culture that surround sexuality in many different forms are often times more harmful than they are helpful.

Today we share a story of our new friend, Autumn Morris. While the internet can be a scary place full of misinformation, accounts like @speakingofautumn, the namesake of Autumn's sex positive Instagram account helps us navigate the “taboo” topics we are often encouraged not to talk about. 

We are so lucky that in the last few years we have connected with, learned from, and grown with people who, like ourselves, may have struggled with Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast Infections, Postpartum healing, irritation, and more. Addressing these issues on public platforms is imperative to advancing the conversation and overall understanding of why supporting people and these aspects of our sexuality help advance equality in a mainstream way.

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