The Ultimate Guide to Naturally Nurturing Your Vulva

The Ultimate Guide to Naturally Nurturing Your Vulva

Ah, the magnificent vulva – often overlooked but oh-so-important! From soothing baths to mindful hygiene practices, it's easier to care for your vulva with organic nature products that are body safe.

1. Embrace the Power of Gentle Cleansing

 Bid farewell to harsh chemicals. Warm water is totally acceptable for most, however if you do prefer a little extra, opt for mild, pH-balanced cleansers specifically formulated for your vulva. For us we add Tonic to our bath or apply directly to wet skin after a shower.

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2. Cotton: Your Vagina's Best Friend

When it comes to underwear, cotton is king! Opt for breathable cotton undies to keep your vulva cool, dry, and oh-so-comfy. Say goodbye to synthetic fabrics and hello to the breathable goodness of cotton.

3. Harness the Power of Probiotics

Probiotics aren't just for your gut – they're also beneficial for your vulva! Incorporate probiotic-rich foods like yogurt into your diet to maintain a healthy balance of flora downstairs. Your vulva will thank you for the friendly bacteria boost! Add our probiotic for an additional boost that support gut and vaginal microbiomes as well as boosts immunity!

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4. Mindful Moisture Management

Moisture management is key to vulva happiness. After a workout or swim, be sure to change out of damp clothing promptly. Say no to prolonged moisture and hello to a dry, happy vulva!

We use salve after a long day at the beach or from exercise discomfort

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5. Breathe Easy with Loose-Fitting Clothing

Give your vulva some breathing room by opting for loose-fitting clothing. Say goodbye to restrictive garments and hello to freedom and comfort. Let your vulva breathe easy and bask in the glory of liberation!

6. Stay Hydrated for Happy Vulva Vibes

Hydration isn't just essential for glowing skin – it's also vital for a happy vulva! Keep your body hydrated to maintain optimal vulva health and happiness. Drink up and let your vulva bask in the hydration heaven!

With a little love, care, and botanical magic, you can embark on a journey of vulva care that is a little more gentle than some of our old school "go-to" methodologies - like no more douching please. 

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