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What is a Vaginal Suppository?


Meet the newest member of our vulvovaginal health lineup: The Suppository. This product rounds out our comprehensive set of vaginal health products and we are pretty damn excited about it. Unlike most of our topical products, The Suppository is our first product that is meant to be used inside the vagina to provide quick concentrated relief from yeast infections and other common vulvovaginal issues. So let’s break down what vaginal suppositories are and what makes ours special. 


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Simply put, a vaginal suppository is a dissolvable pill that you insert into your vagina to fight vaginal infections and vulvovaginal discomfort. Once inserted, suppositories release the active ingredients directly into the vagina killing bad bacteria and yeast, and restoring balance to the vaginal microbiome. And because vaginal suppositories are inserted directly into the vagina, they can provide quicker and more concentrated relief to vaginal discomfort that other traditional methods.  


Vaginal Suppositories can be great alternative to traditionally prescribed treatment options.


Oral antibiotics must be absorbed through the intestinal system before they can make it into the vagina which can take hours - and sometimes days. Also, antibiotics can upset the delicate balance of bacteria in the vagina, leading to more problems down the road. Topical ointments, which are applied to the vulva, can be messy, especially because many medically-prescribed ointments have a thick and creamy consistency. It can also be difficult to consistently reapply these products throughout the day. Our vaginal suppositories, on the other hand, are designed to be easy to insert and relatively mess-free, requiring only that you use washed hands (ALWAYS wash your hands) to insert them directly into the vagina. Easy peasy!


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What makes our suppository different is the quality of ingredients we use and the intention that goes into every product we make. We take a holistic approach to vulvovaginal health and only use  all-natural, certified organic, and flora-friendly ingredients int our products. Our vaginal suppository contains oregon grape to address the imbalances that cause yeast infections, coconut oil to hydrate sensitive vaginal tissue, calendula and echinacea for relief from itching, odor, and general irritation, as well as other beneficial plant-powered ingredients. 


It is our belief that vaginal health products should work WITH your body and allow you to heal, not just deal.



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