Why does my Vagina smell? What 10 Smells Reveal About Your Health

Why does my Vagina smell? What 10 Smells Reveal About Your Health

Understanding your intimate health is the first step in reclaiming it. Embracing care without shame should be easy enough? Unfortunately we know that is not always the case. Society has upheld negative connotations about the vagina and the vulva since - it seems, the dawn of time. But we are here to change that. 

Similar to the uniqueness of each persons body, every vagina has its own special scent. Breaking the myth that a healthy vagina should smell like roses, we delve into the 10 common vaginal smells and what they indicate about your health.

Factors Affecting Vaginal Scent: The diversity in vaginal scents is influenced by the vaginal microbiome and pH levels. Lifestyle factors, hormonal changes, stress, and even the weather play a role in the fluctuations of your vaginal odor throughout the day.

Decoding 10 Vaginal Smells - The Cheat Sheet

  1. Sour, Tangy, or Fermented: Healthy vaginal microbiome
  2. Sweet or Earthy: Healthy bacteria or high blood sugar
  3. Metallic: Period blood or microtearing
  4. Ammonia, Bleach, or Chemicals: Urine buildup, latex condoms, or lube
  5. Strong or Pungent: BV or Trichomoniasis
  6. Bread or Beer: Overgrowth of yeast
  7. Skunky or Mulch-like: Stress-induced sweat
  8. Musky: Regular sweat accumulation
  9. "Rotting" Food or Meat: Forgotten tampon
  10. Pungent or Spicy: Diet influence

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Knowlege is Power: Smelling yourself is a form of self-care, fostering a connection with your body without judgment. Understanding what YOUR normal is. Dispelling societal shame around vaginal scents begins with open discussions and embracing body literacy.

Prevention and Maintenance: Maintaining a healthy vaginal pH is the key to preventing imbalance. Avoiding perfumed products, staying hydrated, balanced nutrition, breathable clothing, and safer sex practices contribute to overall vaginal health and wellness.

When to Seek Medical Attention: If a persistent and unusual odor, accompanied by symptoms like itching or burning, raises concern, consulting a doctor is advised. Regular check-ups and proactive care are crucial for maintaining optimal vaginal health.

Don't fret: Understanding and embracing your body's natural scent is empowering. Rejecting harmful narratives, will allow you to confidently care for your vagina without succumbing to harmful misinformation and judgement. 


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