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Shopping Tips for a Safe & Sustainable Season


We’ve all heard the phrase “nature vs. nurture.” While “nature” refers to our biological and genetic predispositions, “nurture'' cites the influence our environment has on our life and learning. At Momotaro Apotheca, we often think of this saying in a less traditional sense — it’s tradition at this point. What we mean is, nature vs nurture poses the wrong question; it’s not an “and/or” debate, but rather a  “yes, and…” discussion.

In the sexual health field, and particularly in the space of vulvovaginal care, misinformation runs rampant. We’ll often hear, “Don’t use any products ‘down there,’” or “your vagina is self-cleaning.” These maxims, in many ways, are a North Star, an untenable goal, a pipe dream for some. Our bodies are all different and healing and soothing them may require a little more nurturing than what we were told our bodies should naturally do. Beyond the nuance of these notions, the broader message that everything is good in due time often leaves us frustrated both physically and emotionally while we just wait around for relief. 

You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) sacrifice natural and organic for soothing, sustainable and effective. The marriage of mind and body, nature and nurture is really the gift that keeps on giving. 

Our products and brand promote accessible and discreet multipurpose products safe for all bodies, all over your body to help transform your healthy habits into daily rituals. Using only organic ingredients found in nature, our multifunctional formulas do a world of good to help nurture your body, naturally, without disrupting your pH, hormones, pheromones, or medications. Or you, know, your plans to hook up with your high school crush while visiting family

As the holidays approach, bags are packed, shopping carts are full, the “comfort and joy” we expect sometimes does the opposite to our wallets and our bodies. In a season where we are often depleted both physically and financially, we encourage you to take a step back, be it a night offline, or time spent in nature. 

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or in the sack this season (another “yes, and,” amiright), we’ve compiled a few tips to a safe and sustainable holiday season. 



Choose versatile, multifunctional products

They do more without taking up precious overhead luggage or bag space. Less really can be more. Shop our multifunctional formulas for self care.   


Read labels.

When you shop for beauty or personal care products, read the labels to ensure ingredients are biodegradable and fragrance free. 


Recycle, reduce reuse!

Choose products and packaging that don’t end up in landfills! We use glass bottles and jars or PET plastic (the most easily recyclable) all wrapped up in FSC certified paper packaging.

To properly recycle, you must remove the label and rinse the bottle to get rid of any residue, so use it ‘til the very last drop! And if the ingredients aren’t a fan with your skin? Share it with your friends or family — no need to toss it. 

Psst. Send us a photo of you reusing your Momotaro Apotheca bottle or jar for 10% off your next order.



Support green businesses.

Help Aunt Karen make better choices for a better future and support brands that champion these causes. 



Momotaro Apotheca is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, which means we donate 1% of our total revenue each year to an environmental cause. We provide direct support to We Got Next (WGN), an organization that, we feel, bridges both our environmental and social justice goals. WGN facilitates adventure and activism opportunities for communities that have been underrepresented in outdoor and environmental spaces. 



Remember conscientious consumption is king

In general, we encourage conscientious spending. That means taking inventory of what you have, what you need, and what you want. If you’re running low on something you frequently use, by all means, top up on your regular items. If you’ve been considering purchasing something new for a while and feel it will truly add true value to your life, it might be worth investing in. 

There’s a world of a difference between retail therapy and items that can be therapeutic for your physical and mental wellbeing. Our rule of thumb is to make sure you’re not spending money just for the instant gratification of spending money, and especially that you’re not spending money you never would have spent in the first place just to score a discount. 



Shop Safe & Sustainable Self Care

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