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A Commitment to Our Community & Our Planet

A Commitment to Our Community & Our Planet

We like to think that Momotaro Apotheca does a lot of good—and not just for your sexual wellness! From day one, our founders, Lindsay and Taylor, knew that creating a positive and compassionate conversation within our community while supporting environmental causes would be an important aspect of Momotaro Apotheca's philosophy.

We prioritize quality, safety, and sustainability as pillars of our business. Our supplier partners are Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, which is fully accredited with the USDA National Organic Program and with a focus on finding the highest quality materials, we exclusively use certified organic ingredients (never dyes or synthetics) and never test on animals. 

We are cruelty-free certified through Leaping Bunny and are proud members of 1% For the Planet, where we pledge to donate 1% of our profits to non-profits doing work in the environmental space. 

We also regularly donate to causes we care passionately about. This year alone, we were able to donate nearly $4,000 to two non-profits to preserve safe and accessible abortion care in response to some of the most restrictive abortion legislation the US has seen in decades.


In November 2019, we donated 100% of all profits made over the Thanksgiving weekend to Planned Parenthood and a few months prior, all of our profits from sales made in June funneled to the Yellow Hammer Fund, which offers funding for anyone seeking care at one of Alabama's three abortion clinics.

We strive to be the, or at least, an answer to the absence of effective and intentional vaginal wellness products on the market while protecting our rights as humans and our planet. So just remember, with every purchase, you get vaginal relief and you’re doing a world of good for our world.  

We look forward to welcoming the new decade with open arms—and legs. Hey, why the hell not?


Leaping Bunny Certified, 1% For the Planet, Planned Parenthood Donation, The Yellow Hammer Fund Donation

You can sign up to help out at a New York City clinic by joining the Activist Council here (but just be aware that the application process takes a bit of commitment in itself). If you’re located outside of New York and want to get involved in your state, you can sign up to get info Planned Parenthood’s country-wide general volunteer opportunities here.


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