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Welcome to Momotaro! We're so glad you found us. 

This project is the consequence of curiosity and necessity.

I had been fighting recurrent bouts of BV and VCC for about six months. As soon as I'd treat one issue, the next returned, and then it would start all over again. I was dealing with physical discomfort as well as the associated quality of life and psychological issues: I felt self conscious, I was unable (or didn't want to) have sex—the list goes on. 

I tried various over-the-counter and prescription medicines but found no lasting relief. Unfortunately, that really isn't that surprising. I later learned that BV recurrence rates range from 40%-50%.

The very thing I was using to treat my infections was actually exacerbating the problem. The antibiotics and anti-fungal medications marketed to people with vaginas are so potent that they damage important friendly bacteria (like L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, L. reuteri) that create protective biofilm on the vaginal wall, leaving me vulnerable to further growth of bad bacteria (like Gardnerella vaginalis). 

 So, with a situation that was not showing any kind of material improvement, my partner, Taylor, and I began a deep dive into self education on all things vagina related. Along with my determination to find a solution and Taylor's background in biology and his generally endearing curiosity, we had zeroed in on a few take-aways:

These issues are very common yet it’s still sort of taboo to talk aboutAround ~30% of people with vaginas suffer from BV
and 75% of them will suffer from a yeast infection.

Treatment normally involves a heavy dose of antibiotics or antifungals that work in the short term but leave the body vulnerable by damaging the body’s natural ability to prevent future infection hence a 40%-50% recurrence rate.

There are various natural homeopathic remedies that people have been using successfully for years. Some are available at high end and natural grocery stores but we found that none are well branded or marketed and none were as comprehensive or easy to use as we wanted.

Biofilm. That seems to be the reason why the bad bacteria are so resilient.

After a long conversation about what to do, we decided to make our own solution—or at least something that would help my body in it's fight to recover. We envisioned a salve that would provide effective support while being discrete and easy to use.

I was done with feeling "gross" (which is what a lot of the femcare products on the market made me feel with the language they used) and I knew there had to be a simple and empowering way to feel better. That was the birth of Momotaro Apotheca.

Taylor and I spent several months prototyping products, speaking with experts, experimenting with ingredients and formulas, and expanding our understanding of the issues we were trying to support. When we shared this project with our friends, many of them expressed interest and began to openly share their own experiences—and their interest in trying our new product. 

Eight months later, we're beyond excited to announce the launch of Momotaro Apotheca—a new line of organic, plant-based, and pH balanced skin products for vulvovaginal health. 

It's our hope to help you—society, the world—rethink how we talk about our sexual health issues, how we support each other in wellness, and how we understand our bodies.

Lindsay + Taylor
Momotaro Apotheca

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