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Bundle of Bliss: How to Incorporate the Momotaro Trio Into Your Daily Routine


Let's be real, life can be pretty damn stressful. We have to juggle our work lives, social lives, and we should probably workout at some point (I guess). So yeah, it can be overwhelming. 


This stress (and the 'occasional' glass of wine) can disrupt your routine or exacerbate symptoms of uncomfortable yet very common vulvovaginal health issues stemming from pH imbalance, putting a damper on your plans.

The solution? Always. Be. Prepared. Bring your skin faves along for the ride so you won’t disrupt your routine.

We prefer proactive, preventative care, and the Momotaro Trio provides safe, effective topical treatment that’s not only discreet and accessible, but easy to incorporate into your daily routine — no expensive prescriptions or uncomfortable visits to the gyno required (although we always recommend regular checkups and an appointment with a trusted professional). 

Because we're friends, we’re giving ya’ll free shipping and throwing in a complementary toiletry bag aka The Catch All Case plus a VGNA zine for long trips and down time.  

Continue reading for a few tips on how to incorporate the Momotaro Trio into your daily routine so we can keep the heat in the bedroom — not between your legs.



Salve Jar on White Background

Salve: The Bestselling Body Balm

A thick multi-use balm that quickly sinks into skin to instantly address vulvovaginal dryness, itching, and irritation. Regular use helps balance pH and naturally supports your body’s natural ability to heal. 



ADDRESSES heals ingrown hairs, calms irritation, inflammation, and symptoms associated with pH imbalance and infection like vulvovaginal itching and or abnormal discharge


KEY INGREDIENTS A Coconut Oil base deeply moisturizes and protects skin with fatty acids infused with alkaloid rich Echinacea, Goldenseal, and Calendula. Tea Tree Oil provides an immediate cooling sensation while sustainably sourced Beeswax slows the dispersal of active ingredients for lasting relief. 


HOW TO USE With clean hands, apply a pea size amount around the vulva or affected area. Please note Salve is safe to be used as an all over spot treatment, but should not to be used internally or on broken skin. 


WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL It's our bestseller with literally hundreds of 5 Star reviews. Safe for all skin types, body types, and routines.  


PROTIP When dealing with acute infection, you may need to apply multiple times a day at first for instant, cooling relief and slowly transition to a daily or weekly application for preventative care.


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Tonic Oil Bottle on White Background

Tonic: The Cult Favorite Bath & Body Concentrate

Vitamin E rich jojoba oil helps protect your skin’s lipid barrier and seals in moisture while the active constituents found in Goldenseal and Oregon Grape—specifically Berberine—can help reduce the severity and area of itchy or inflamed skin.




WHAT IS IT a soothing Jojoba Oil based bath tonic and topical spot treatment infused with soothing essential oils known to ease discomfort and increase blood flow 


ADDRESSES heals ingrown hairs, calms irritation, inflammation, and symptoms associated with pH imbalance and infection like vulvovaginal itching and or abnormal discharge


KEY INGREDIENTS Sustainably sourced Jojoba Oil maintains moisturized skin all over. Sweet Orange is commonly used in aromatherapy practices to reduce stress, improve blood circulation, and lift your mood while the natural antibacterial Tea Tree Oil and alkaloid rich Goldenseal Root help alleviate vulvovaginal irritation and itch related to infection, pH imbalance, and inflammation.


HOW TO USE  Draw a warm bath and dilute a few droppers full of Tonic into the tub for a body-balancing soak that moisturizes skin, soothe discomfort, and help prevent future irritation or infection.

You can also apply Tonic as a spot treatment to prevent and heal ingrown hairs post wax, shave, or sugar. 


WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL Tonic is a cult favorite that shares some of the key ingredients found in the Salve — specifically Oregon grape and Goldenseal. Both contain the alkaloid berberine, which has been shown to have beneficial antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties.


PROTIP Massage a few drops of Tonic onto abdomen or lower back if struggling with menstrual cramps or apply on temples for headache relief. The Tea Tree Oil offers a cooling effect while Orange Blossom increases blood flow to help your body heal faster.


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Hydrosol Bottle on White Background


Hydrosol: The pH Balancing Micromist

A multipurpose pH balancing face and body mist packed with naturally occurring antioxidants that help cool, calm, and protect stressed skin from future irritation or imbalance. 





KEY INGREDIENTS Balance pH with Rosemary, a slightly acidic solution that penetrates and protects the middle layers of skin. Tone with with Orange Blossom, a natural AHA that gently exfoliates skin. Calm with Lavender, a relaxing anti-inflammatory with a diverse terpene profile. Hydrate with Rose water, a popular skincare ingredient with over 100 compounds historically used to soothe all skin types 


HOW DO I USE IT? For swift and soothing hands-free relief, hold a few inches from the targeted area and spray anytime you’re in need of a quick and cooling relief — post period, shower, sweat, or sex. Personally, we spray this stuff everywhere — on our body, on our clothes, and on our yoga mats too. It's become part of our full body regimen

For improved hydration, prep skin with a fine mist before applying serums, moisturizers, or oils


PROTIP Spray Hydrosol in hard-to-reach places where you get body acne like your back, or butt. Refrigeration is recommended but definitely not required for an extra refreshing spritz anytime of day.


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