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Celebrating Black History Month: Black Health & Wellness


As we enter Black History Month, we pause to reflect on & honor the stellar Black folks who are making strides to break down barriers & fight for a future where everyone, everywhere is afforded the rights, respect & resources to thrive — in sex & love, health & wealth.

We like to think it’s fate that Black History Month coincides with the month of love. It’s obvious that both of these celebrations encourage us to go that extra mile when it comes to expressing our appreciation for the people who matter and have made an impact on our lives. But the truth is, we need to make conscious efforts to express that love every single day


We'll host more conversations all month long, so follow along for more resources.


Educate Yourself On the Issues

Sex educator and content creator Tara Michaela (she/her) @tara.michaela explains how the American healthcare system has failed trans & BIPOC due to lack of education, inherent bias, & the backward notion of placing profits over people.


READ NOW Facing Misdiagnoses: BIPOCs & Trans Folks Take Sexual Health Into Their Own Hands 


Remember to engage mindfully 

Certified sex coach and educato, Portia Brown (she/her) @FroeticSexology offers us actionable ways to center, support & uplift BIPOC voices & visions in a whitewashed wellness space


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Make a commitment to end the cycle 

New York City based OB/GYN Dr. Mare (she/her) @bookedwithdrmare pulled together the ultimate guide for Black Birthers navigating the American healthcare system to help us prepare & defend our bodies & babies against institutions that have resisted change.


READ NOW Protect Your Birth: A Guide For Black Birthers Navigating the Whitewashed Healthcare System 


Learn About Black and Queer Experiences

Identity and culture reporter Caroline Colvin (they/them) @taroheaux shares their experience of being a trans masc baddie and what it's like to fight for respect and visibility as  a queer Black individual. 


Read Now: On Black Masculinity, From a Trans Masc Black Baddie


WATCH NOW: A candid conversation with doctor & doula 

Dr Mare, OBGYN, and birth worker Sevonna Brown share their unique perspectives working as Black health care givers in a biased medical system. Watch it now



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Redefining Activism by Kenta Ch’umil

Race, Gender, and American Gynecology by Dr. Deirdre Cooper Owens

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Pregnancy-Related Deaths in the U.S.2007–2016, CDC




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