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Complete Fertility Insight Test by Proov

Four Hormones in One Kit

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Complete Testing System


3 FSH tests
17 Multihormone tests
Proov Insight app
Proov app card
Instructions for use

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How to Use

Four key hormones impact your cycle and fertility. Get the complete picture of your cycle hormones and be empowered to move forward with confidence.

FSH: Check on your egg count
E1G & LH: Up to 6 days to "try"
PdG: Know if you’re conception ready

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Increase Your Pregnancy Chances with the Most Comprehensive At-Home Fertility Test Yet

If you want to increase your chances of pregnancy by up to 75%*, get Complete. Measure all 4 cycle hormones for a comprehensive fertility map, including:

  • A snapshot of ovarian reserve, a.k.a. an estimate of how many eggs you have left
  • Up to 6 fertile days – 3x more than typical tests!
  • Patented testing method to confirm successful ovulation during the implantation window
  • An actionable, end of cycle fertility hormone report

Hormones and ovulation can vary cycle-to-cycle, so we always recommend getting 2 full cycles of testing data by selecting the Complete 2 Cycle option below for the most complete picture and actionable information to move you forward.

Each kit includes 3 FSH tests and 17 Multihormone tests. You'll need to start testing on cycle day 5 & follow the testing prompts in the Proov Insight app.

Why we love it: Increase your chances of pregnancy by up to 75%*, Measure all 4 cycle hormones for a comprehensive fertility map.

Pair with: Daily Duo (hormone fluctuation, sexual aftercare)

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