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Admit One: Ticket to Ride



We love love. We love helping you love yourself with simple, safe sexual self care without shame or stigma.


But we also love lust and giving two (okay a lot more than two) f*cks about our personal pursuit of pleasure — whatever that means for you, and however that manifests. 


And so, for the month of February, traditionally celebrated as the Month of Love, it's our pleasure to share what we've learned. We communed with a collection—a consortium, if you will—of vulva owners, sex workers, artists, dominatrixes, and certified sex and relationship coaches to help us to explore our desires, our pleasure, and our sex lives with a little more intention.  


Throughout our own Sexual Re-Education, we discovered some common threads. Sensuality and sexuality are fluid. Open communication is key in every relationship — platonic or pleasure based. Vulnerability is a sign of strength. Releasing trauma and relinquishing shame about our bodies, our proclivities, and our pasts is an ongoing process in our pursuit of pleasure. 



Consciously cultivate more connected, compassionate relationships — with ourselves & the world.




Whether you’re in a long term relationship, swiping right for one night stands, diving into the queer dating scene, or cultivating your SW persona, we’re here to educate and entertain you.


Join us as we explore the context and complexities of pleasure in all its forms. From thinking kinky and fresh fetish finds, to compassionate communication and gentle aftercare, we’ll learn how to consciously cultivate more connected, compassionate relationships — with ourselves and the world. 


For the next five weeks, we’ll be sharing info and intel on all things sex and pleasure related and breaking down boundaries of what constitutes Good Sex™ to help you define your personal boundaries from the streets to the sheets. Let’s make 2022 the year to ethically, safely, sustainably get our sluttery on and scruples off.


Free agency is the prize — for you and your partner/s. This is your golden ticket to ride, hump, bump, peg, vibe, communicate, and caress your way to a more pleasurable (sex) life. 

Welcome to the funhouse.




Support Your Local Sex Worker Rights Text on Pink Background

How to Support & Hire Sex Workers Online & IRL

Hiring a sex worker should always be an option, but in many places around the world — including all of the United States, except for a few counties in Nevada — sex work is criminalized. 

Let's continue to fight for the decriminalization of consensual adult sex work so that our erotic laborers have safe spaces to support themselves and offer their services. Learn more about sex worker laws around the world.  



Why Supporting Sex Workers Is Important, Now & Forever

Elle Stanger (she/they) @stripperwriter

Supporting sex workers doesn’t mean you have to become one or become a client. It means having literacy of the reasons why our culture continues to shame, punish, or pathologize those who do engage consensually. If you want to combat human exploitation, support the full decriminalization of prostitution related laws, so that resources can be focused on people who coerce, force, defraud, exploit, or engage with minors. We go into details on how the pandemic and online censorship has affected sex workers. how the pandemic and online censorship has affected sex workers.



Farm to Table Porn: How SW Ensure Safe & Consensual & Steamy Scenes

words by Ivy Vernalis (she/her) @plant.gal

Farm-to-table porn is porn that doesn’t come from a major company, but is instead created from start to finish by one or more freelancers. The onus of safety is left in the hands of the creators themselves, which ironically makes the sex more safe and consensual for your viewing pleasure. Check out OnlyFans and stealthily search social media platforms for independent performers. 





Safe Sex & STI Stigma Text on Pink Background


How To Prepare For Your OB/GYN Appointment Like An OB/GYN

My Herpes Story: From Naive Teen to Multi-Business Runner

YSK the Difference Between Herpes Simplex Virus I & II

10 Ways to Support Someone (Including Yourself) with Herpes




Kink, BDSM & Aftercare Text on Pink Background


The 3 Most Important Factors in All Open Relationships



Queer Dating Text on Pink Background


The Beginner's Guide to Queer Dating

Facing Misdiagnoses: BIPOCs & Trans Folks Take Sexual Health Into Their Own Hands

3 Things I Learned Dating While Trans 



How to Have Good Sex™ Text on Pink Background


The Official Momotaro Apotheca Sex Tips™ 

Mind the Pleasure Gap: Gender Inequality in the Bedroom

How to Soothe & Prevent Pain During & After Sex

For the Love of Lube

How TF Do I Use Lube?




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